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DNA Twin Test

Identical Twins & Fraternal Twins

There are two different types of twins: Identical twins, and fraternal twins. When twins are the same sex, it is often impossible to tell for certain whether they are identical twins or fraternal twins. DNA twin zygosity testing can conclusively determine whether twins are identical or fraternal.

Identical Twins

Identical twins are twins which originated from the same egg and the same sperm. They are genetically identical and are always the same sex. Although identical twins usually look very similar, it is sometimes possible for identical twins not to look exactly the same.

Fraternal Twins

Fraternal twins originated from two different eggs and two different sperm. Fraternal twins are the same as siblings which are born at different times and can be the same or different sexes. Like other siblings, fraternal twins can look very similar or can be very different in appearance.

DNA Twin Test

At the time of delivery, the delivering physician tries to determine whether twins are identical by seeing whether they share the same placenta. However, this is not always clear and is not always an accurate way to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal. When twins are the same sex, the most conclusive method for determining twin zygosity is through DNA testing. Identical twins will share identical DNA profiles, and fraternal twins will have different DNA profiles from each other.

Twin zygosity testing is fast, simple and painless and twins can be tested at any age.

DNA Twin Testing Steps

  1. Order the private DNA twin test kit online or by telephone. A twin testing kit will be shipped to you immediately.
  2. The DNA testing kit is easy to use and contains all of the supplies required to collect a mouth swab sample from both twins. After sample collection, send the samples directly to our laboratory using the return package provided in the testing kit.
  3. Results are available just 3 to 5 business days from the day that our laboratory receives the samples. You are welcome to call our laboratory at any time to check on the progress of your test and as soon as the preliminary results become available, you can retrieve them over the telephone or online using your secure password and file number. The official documents are sent to you be mail or email after the test is completed.