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DNA Grandparentage Test

Simple to Perform, Results in Just 3 to 5 business days

Our DNA grandparentage test will provide answers regarding whether a child is the biological grandchild of an alleged grandparent. The DNA grandparentage test is simple to perform and results are available in just 3 to 5 business days.

There are two different types of grandparentage test:

  1. Single Grandparent and child analysis - This DNA test is to determine whether a single grandparent is the true biological grandparent of a grandchild. This test is not as powerful as the test involving both grandparents.
  2. Grandmother, Grandfather, and child analysis - This DNA test is able determine whether the grandparents are the true biological grandparents of a grandchild. This test is much more powerful than the test with just a single grandparent.

DNA Grandparentage Testing Steps

  1. Order the private DNA grandparentage test kit online or by telephone. A grandparentage testing kit will be shipped to you immediately.
  2. Follow the instructions in the testing kit to collect a DNA sample from inside the mouth quickly, easily and painlessly. It takes just seconds to complete. Immediately after specimen collection, return the samples to our laboratory suing the return package provided in the testing kit.
  3. Results are available in just 3 to 5 business days from the day that we receive your samples. You are welcome to call our laboratory at any time to check on the progress of your test and you may retrieve preliminary results over the telephone as soon as they become available using your order number and password. The formal documents will be sent to you by mail or email.