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DNA Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mother need to be tested?

No. The test is absolutely conclusive even if the mother is not tested. In most situations, the mother already knows that she is the mother and is not interested in participating in the test.

Does the age of the child matter?

No. DNA paternity testing can be performed on children at any age. We even perform testing on newborns using umbilical cord blood. Once the child is born, you can safely collect samples from the child's mouth as soon as the date of birth. The cheek swabs are painless and are the preferred and recommended collection procedure for DNA testing.

How are the samples collected?

Once you place an order for the DNA test, a DNA testing kit will be shipped to you. The kit contains everything you need to safely, accurately, and discreetly collect the DNA sample yourself. The kit contains special swabs called "buccal swabs". Buccal swabs look similar to Q-Tips. The swabs are rubbed gently inside the mouth against the cheek to collect the DNA sample. After sample collection, the swabs are placed back into the specimen containers provided and sent back to our laboratory for testing using the return packaging provided.

How long is the kit good for?

The shelf life of the DNA testing kit is four years. This means that even if you are unable to use the kit right away, the unopened kit can be used up to four years from the date that you first received it. Once the DNA sample is collected, the samples are good for at least three months at room temperature. Most patients return their samples to our laboratory for testing as soon as they have completed collecting the samples. However, even if you are unable to return the samples right away, the samples are good for testing for up to three months after the collection.

Is the test confidential?

Absolutely. Our laboratory ensures complete discretion and patient confidentiality. Results will only be released to the person(s) specified. All patient files are password protected. All packaging is discrete and patient information is never used for any purpose other than for the DNA test requested.

How long does the DNA test take?

DNA paternity tests are usually completed within from the day that the samples are received by our laboratory. You may call our laboratory during that time using your password and patient I.D. number to obtain the preliminary results of your paternity test. The results documents will follow by mail and/or Email as specified in the original requisition.

Can I mess up my test? Is the kit easy to use?

The DNA testing kit is very easy to use and it is almost impossible for you to mess it up. All supplies in the kit are color coded (blue swab for the alleged father, yellow swabs for the child, and pink swabs for the mother if she is participating in the test). To collect the sample, the swabs are simply rubbed inside the mouth for 10 seconds and the samples are placed into the corresponding sample container. The whole procedure is very simple. We guarantee that you will receive conclusive results to your DNA test.

What other types of testing can be performed?

Metaphase routinely performs DNA testing on a broad spectrum of samples for special circumstances:

Prenatal testing: Testing can be performed before birth using CVS samples or amniotic samples. The results are just as conclusive as testing which is performed after the child is born. To arrange for prenatal DNA testing, call our laboratory at 1-877-767-4388 to make arrangements.

Forensic testing: DNA testing can be performed on a wide range of forensic samples. Examples of samples which are frequently submitted to our laboratory for testing include: cigarette butts, hair, dried blood, dried saliva, dried urine, underwear stains, razor shavings, hair brushes, toothbrushes, bone, chewing gum, licked stamps and envelopes and wind instruments. Our state-of-the-art laboratory utilizes PCR technology we have extensive experience in helping patients with unusual samples.

Relationship testing: Other than paternity testing, our full service laboratory can conduct other relationship tests, including sibship (to determine whether two individuals are siblings), grandparentage testing, aunt and uncle relationships.

Sex testing: Our laboratory is able to analyze forensic samples to determine whether human biological material is present. If human biological material is present, we can determine whether the sample originated from one individual or more than one individual. Furthermore, we can determine the sex of the individual and we can even match the sample to an individual in question.