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Our laboratory specializes in providing state of the art DNA testing services to legal clients, hospitals, government departments and private clients. We are committed to utilizing the most advanced testing technologies to ensure the highest level of accuracy, rapid turnaround times and guaranteed accuracy. Our laboratory has a network of over 3000 facilities worldwide for chain of custody specimen collection services for legal casework.

AABB and ISO17025 Accredited

DNA testing results last a lifetime. Accreditation is the method that clients can determine the quality and reliability of a laboratory. Our testing laboratory is AABB and ISO17025 Accredited to ensure the highest standards. AABB accredited test reports are required for legal and immigration casework. US Immigration will only accept AABB accredited laboratory reports. Our legal test reports are accepted by US immigration and is recognized as legal proof of relationship and non-relationship in courts throughout North America.

Participant of CAP

In addition to participation in internal proficiency testing, our laboratory also participates in a recognized external DNA laboratory proficiency testing program administered by the College of American Pathologists. The rigorous testing procedures of the College of American Pathologists involves proficiency tests administered three times a year which examines accuracy, technique, calculations and many other pertinent aspects of DNA paternity testing. Our laboratory has consistently obtained perfect scores and ranks as one of the top laboratories in North America.

CAP (College of American Pathologists) is the worldwide leader in providing quality improvement programs to pathologists and laboratory professionals. Our testing laboratory participated in the Paternity Testing Proficiency Program of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in 2000, 2001 2003 and is currently enrolled in the Paternity Testing Proficiency Program of the CAP for 2004, which includes rigorous laboratory proficiency testing three times each year.