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Y-Chromosome Test

Trace Your Male Lineage

Y-Chromosome (or Y-DNA) testing can trace the male lineage and is a very useful test for genealogists as well as males who need to know whether they are related along the male line.

All males have a Y chromosome (females do not have a Y-Chromosome). A male's Y-Chromosome is passed down to him directly from his father, and his father inherited his y chromosome from his father. The Y-Chromosome is passed down relatively unchanged from a male to all of his sons, and his sons pass it down to all of their sons and so on.

The Y-Chromosome test has many powerful applications, including determining whether two or more males are related, and solving genealogical ancestry questions.

Determining Whether Two or More Males are Related

The Y-Chromosome test is useful for males who need to find out whether they are related to another male along the male lineage. For example, a grandson and his grandfather will have the same Y-Chromosome. A nephew will have the same Y-Chromosome as his uncle (father's brother), as well as all of his uncles sons (male cousins). A male will have the same Y-Chromosome as all males which have the same common male ancestor as himself. Thus, this test is very powerful for deterimining distant relationships, and helps to solve the question of whether two males are related along the male line.

Solving Genealogical Ancestry Questions

Because the Y-Chromosome is passed down along the male line, the same way that the surname is passed down from a father to all of his sons, Y-Chromosome testing is a very useful tool for genealogists who are interested in tracing their surname. The Y-chromsome test is able to help genealogists gain definitive answers when they reach a point in their research where they do not have paperwork to establish a family link, or if they need to prove a hypothesis. Genealogists can now order their Y-Chromosome test directly from our ISO accredited testing laboratory without having to pay marked up pricing through a genealogy testing reseller.

Y-Chromosome Testing Steps

  1. Order the private Y-Chromosome test kit online or by telephone. A Y-Chromosome testing kit will be shipped to you immediately.
  2. Collect a mouth swab using the swabs provided in the testing kit. Sample collection is easy and painless and takes just seconds to complete. After sample collection, simply send the samples directly to our laboratory for analysis using the return packaging provided in your testing kit.
  3. Testing begins as soon as we receive your samples. The full genetic report will be released to you by mail or email once the test is complete.