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Recent Testimonials & Case Studies

We are proud of our services and welcome your feedback. Our testimonials and case stories are from thank you cards and voluntary customer satisfaction reports and are listed with consent of the senders.

"Look forward to starting a family"

Words cannot express the gratitude that my fiance and I feel towards your laboratory for what you have done for us and our baby. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was seriously considering terminating the pregnancy.... Your laboratory helped us to determine the paternity and the sex of my child while I was only three months into my pregnancy... Now I can look forward to starting a family with my fiance.

R. Walker, Fort Worth, TX

"Easier than I had thought"

Great job! Easier than I had thought.

D. Johnson, Sacramento, CA

"Won't forget your kindness"

A++++. Near the date that my test was scheduled to be completed, I was so nervous that I ended up calling your lab almost once every hour. Thank you for putting up with me. I won't forget your kindness.

G. Lopez, NY, NY

"Received results quickly and quietly"

I was very impressed with the ease and discretion of the testing process. I received my results quickly and quietly.


"May have helped in diagnosing heart condition"

I am 54 years old. Two years ago, friends of our family told me that there is a possibility that the father that I had always known to be my father was not my real biological father. I approached him about this and we decided to have the private paternity test done. The test results indicated that he was not my real father. After speaking to my mother, I found out who my real biological father was and that he had passed away due to a congenital heart problem years ago. My daughter was also diagnosed with a congenital heart condition and if I had known about my medical history, it may have helped our physician in diagnosing her condition.

W. MacInnis, Miami, FL

"Our family is now closer than ever"

My husband has always mentioned that our two children maybe did not belong to him and accused me of being involved with his friend at the time that our children were conceived. I knew that this was not true. We finally decided to get a paternity test done to put an end to this. Sure enough, the results of the paternity test indicated greater than 99.999% that he was the father of our children. Our family is now closer than ever before.

R. Stern, Seattle, WA

"Now I know the truth"

Two years ago, a lady that I had dated briefly called me and told me that I was the father of her newborn baby. I began paying child support and visited the child during my vacations twice a year. I grew suspicious because the child did not resemble anyone in our family. I have two other children from a previous marriage and the child did not resemble any of my other children. Recently, I had paternity testing performed and found out that I was not the true biological father of the child. If I had not decided to have a paternity test done, I would have spent the rest of my life believing that the child belongs to me. Now that I know the truth, I can make an informed decision about my next step.

B. Robinson, Cincinnati, OH

"Just needed to know for sure"

I had some suspicions and just needed to know for sure. Thanks for your help. I didn't know it would be so easy.

V. McGlaughlin, NJ

"The best decision that I have made in my life"

I love my one year old son and I am very attached to him. However, I know that there is a possibility that I may not be his father. After taking the test, I found out that the test had shown conclusively that I was indeed his father. Taking the test was the best decision that I have made in my life. Now I no longer have to live with the lingering fear that perhaps my son belongs to someone else.

M. Maurey, Bakersfield, OH

"Our family will never forget"

May God bless you for your help and kindness in helping us to resolve our complex situation. Our family will never forget what you have done for us.

N. Barton, Las Vegas, NV